Revisiting “Bring the Pain”

Ok, so a couple of posts ago, I talked about getting girls and minority children interested in and focused on learning science and considering careers in science.  I spoke rather passionately about my science hero, Neil Degrasse Tyson.  Lo and behold, if he didn’t say something brilliant and someone record it for all the universe to see and hear…

Check it out in this video:  starting at 1:01:15.


I love him, I do, I do.

Better Professional, Better Lesson

I received an email from Better Lesson today. They’re looking for master teachers in science to begin creating lessons and providing resources that align with the Next Generation Science Standards. (NGSS).  Although I’m not quite qualified for the position, I applied anyway.  Yes, I’m a member of the National Education Association (the sponsoring organization), yes, I know something about educational technology, yes, I have at least 3 years of experience.  I do love to write (duh), and really want to make an impact in STEM.  Indiana decided not to go with the Common Core though and unless I decide upon a classroom position where the NGSS are used, I have no experience with them.  I’ll get myself up to speed on that this summer.  Read the rest of this entry

Bringing the “Pain”

I’ve made a few decisions in my career that have been controversial in my circle of academical aware people.  After all, years ago, I made the conscious choice to be a scientist, knowing being a woman in science would be hard.  I also knew being black would add to the mix, and its been very interesting.

I know the first job I got after receiving my bachelor’s degree was because I was killing two birds with one stone, I was.. black and female.  I could almost see the glee in the face of the man that would eventually become my boss when I came in the office for the interview.  After months of looks of shock that I wasn’t male (my name tended to confuse them, they always assumed Chevin was just Kevin spelled wrong), it was actually amusing to watch him go through the motions.  It was an entry level position; I was going to be trained anyway, so me being “qualified” was completely irrelevant to him.

For years, I was the only woman on the team wherever I went.  If I was lucky, I would be the second little bit of “pepper” in the container of “salt”.  It was assumed I would make coffee every morning. I always politely explained I don’t make what I don’t drink.  My ability always shone through in the end.  I was and continue to be, a professional.  Its been so hard though. Read the rest of this entry

Conference Season and the Connected Learner

Time to switch gears.

Being a connected educator is great, but I am also a learner, right?  I registered for the ISTE conference in Atlanta in June.  I’m excited!  I’ve been to business and industry related conferences before; they’re always informative and great networking opportunities.

This one feels different though.  Perhaps because I’m focusing my professional energy on being the best possible educator who wants more for my colleagues, I’m really looking forward to the networking more than the learning. Read the rest of this entry


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