Change the World.

First week of school over and done.  I had the kids add 6 apps to their devices… and several of them have already started tweeting and sending me notes on My Big Campus.  I hope to make this school year one full of embedded technology learning and growing.  The goal is to prepare the children for their futures. Read the rest of this entry

Back to the Grind…


I have intentionally avoided this blog for about 3 weeks.  I was on blog vacation.  Did a little travelling (that… was life altering, thank you very much), did a little learning (that.. was career changing), did a little house remodeling (that.. was a mess) and did a LOT of doing nothing in particular (that.. was very necessary)

Way back in June, I reflected on leaving the classroom.  I’ve decided I need one more year of this. With that said, and all I’ve experienced this summer, its time to get “back on the grind”, as the young folk say. Time to shift gears and focus on creating meaningful learning experiences for my students and the staff I interact with daily.  I’ve spent the last few days, begging for a copy of my roster, changing classrooms, building a class website and making decisions about HOW I would present content this year. Read the rest of this entry

You Lost Your Job Today…

In my Entrepreneurial Educator MOOC… we spent last week talking about being an “economy of one”.  In other words, what skills do you have that make you an asset in the world and how can or should you use that skill set to create a career for yourself.  In addition, how can you take this concept and teach it to your students, so THEY can define their skill sets and use them to create careers.

So, we were given the prompt.. “You lost your job today.”

This is how I would reflect on that and create a plan to move forward.

How would you deal with the reality of losing your job today?

Btw, the app I used to create my flowchart is called Poppet… check it out.

Mind Shift 201

teacher as architectI’m reading Teacher as Architect, by Shawn Smith, Ann Chavez and Garrett Seaman. I haven’t gotten very far into the book yet, but a truth has become clear to me: how I build the learning structure in my classroom determines the strength of the learning experience for my students.  I now wonder, are the materials I’m building with, suitable for the structure I’m trying to build? Is the “steel” I’m working with, strong enough for the load it must carry? Read the rest of this entry

Reflection on #ISTE2014

It was a good experience.  I learned a little bit of a lot of different things, which is what usually happens at conferences.  I met some really amazing people, some of whom I now follow on Twitter.  I played the Networking Game, for what it was worth and a few of those people are now following me on Twitter.  I connected to all sorts of people, leaving my business cards in the hands of more than 100 people.  Yet, I sense I missed something. Read the rest of this entry

50 Ways to Challenge Yourself as a Teacher

From TeachThought

Its time to set a new goal, ford a new path, challenge myself.  Will you join me?

ISTE2014 Mid Trip Reflection

ok, no, not really.  Its just been taking me a few days to recuperate, that’s all.  I haven’t even opened up my bags of goodies or reviewed all the resources I QR coded all over the place.

Yes, it was overwhelming, in a very good way.  So, until I can gather my thoughts on the event, here is the second of 3 Adobe Voice videos on my adventure.  (I haven’t the psychological energy to complete the concluding one, I’m still processing my thoughts on all I’ve learned) Read the rest of this entry

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