Blended Learning Infographic

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Blended Learning Infographic

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

Doing it differently…

I’m a community team leader now, looking at the hows, whys, and whens of daily life in the classroom from a bigger window.  As a science teacher, my focus has always been to create a classroom environment where students want to come because its a comfortable, safe place, where if they apply themselves, they leave having learned SOMETHING new, every single day.  As an educational technologist, my focus is on creating an environment within the classroom where students discover the “toys” they have can be tools for learning, and that learning extends beyond the four walls of any classroom they’re sitting in.

As the community team leader, responsible for managing the affairs of 120 students and 5 teachers, my CHOSEN focus is on creating an atmosphere where we are all excited about spending time together.  I like the personalities of my team members; we’re just about as eclectic as it gets. We have a cheerleader (let’s go team!), a detail keeper (Chevin, don’t forget to…), a Grinch (I KNOW you want to to that, but, well, so what?), a fairy princess (Oh thank you, good job, here, have a piece of candy! ) and me, the reluctant Overlord (suddenly hears the Darth Vader theme in my head).  We work well together.  Our children seem to love us, and KNOW, there’s no manipulation possible because we are a united front with only their best interests in mind.  We’re seeing positive results from this. Read the rest of this entry

#Socktober Roundup

Just so you know, the challenge to collect 1000 pairs of socks by the students and staff of our school was accepted and not quite met. We did collect 984 pairs of socks though!  Shout out to my community team member, D. Silvas, whose class won the Middle School Challenge with 154 pairs of socks! Our community collected more than 340 pairs in all!

Remember, teaching students about social issues like homelessness, hunger, and poverty in their communities, is important.  Being aware of what is happening outside their front door, gives them focus and passion about how to change what is happening around them.  That’s learning you can’t get in a textbook.

On to the next challenge we go!

In the meanwhile… change the world… CHANGE IT!

Engagement, Passion, Learning

I got up and participated in #satchat this morning. 6:30am CST on a Saturday must mean I wanted to be there, huh?  Glad I was, the discussion on student engagement was empowering.

the first question focused us just right: What does it mean to engage students in learning?

What DOES it mean? My thoughts?

#satchat A1 engagement is personal, all a teacher can do is provide the opportunity to engage— C. S. Stone (@csstone1161) November 8, 2014

the thoughts of others?

 A1 Engaged students don’t want to go to them bathroom during your class #satchat— Kevin Cullen (@RedPenCoffee) November 8, 2014

And on and on it went. Read the rest of this entry

Repost: Mobile Technologies in Science Education

sharing a little science/technology truth…

ICE ICE Baby! Conference Wrap Up

I attended the Indiana Computer Educators conference in Noblesville this week.  ICE is the Indiana affiliate of ISTE.  Among other business at this conference, the group will be changing their name to the Indiana CONNECTED Educators.  This is a great thing; a way to acknowledge the change in HOW we interact with each other and what our focus now is with each other, our students and communities.  With great keynotes, Dave Burgess and Kevin Honeycutt, some 100 breakout sessions and workshops, this event was, at the state level, my edtech recharge for the fall.

Things I learned this week: Read the rest of this entry


Not sure if you’ve heard of this, but, its a great way to get kids involved in the fight against homelessness.  Its important that children be aware of the issue of homelessness, poverty, and hunger in America.  Our school is in the midst of a #Socktober drive where we hope to gather more that 1000 pairs of socks to donate to our local shelters.  Consider doing the same where YOU are…

This excellent campaign was started by my new favorite little person, “Kid President”.. . check out his pep talk with Grover (from Sesame Street) and other videos from him.

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