Build a Website, They Will Come?

So, I’m trying to flip my classroom this year.  I piloted it a couple of years ago and because I had a 6th grade class that year, and they didn’t have internet access at home or phones, it kinda flopped.  I had a mixed group or 7th and 8th graders last year, most of whom weren’t even focused enough to work in the classroom, so except for projects, I didn’t bother using a great deal of tech with them.  But this year… I have a classy, “how are we gonna use our phones this year, Mrs. Stone?” group!  So, I built a website, loaded it with all kinds of stuff (with more to come) and we’re practicing procedures on how to get some “homework” done. Read the rest of this entry

A Twitter Users Guide for Teachers

originally posted at Technology in Education: Notes from the Closet

Its that most wonderful time of the year: getting all the staff on Twitter so you can CONNECT!  Here’s a little help for the beginners and some tips for the “seasoned” ones… Enjoy!



Technology Integration 101

Two technology tools are being introduced in my building this year: Google for Education and Twitter.  I have been working with the instructional coach in our building on ways to integrate these technologies and others into the classrooms.  I’ve started with a little fun:  I found a BINGO card another technology specialist created and edited it for our building.

Here’s my BINGO sheet.  I “borrowed it”; you’re welcome to “borrow it” from me.

Technology BINGO Sheet

Next week I’ll  offer a mini session on simply getting the Twitter accounts set up.  Hopefully, once I get a few people to simply sign up and start following each other, the ball will start rolling.  We have a hash tag and everything!

I will also help anyone who is ready, to set up their Google Drive account and set up folders for everyone. I’m the most popular person in the building right now; being stopped and asked questions about things and helping people set up accounts of various sorts.  I’m loving it.


How is technology integration going in your school/district? Leave a comment below!

21 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Do This Year

C.S. Stone:

Now, how can I incorporate a few of these? mmmmmmm

Originally posted on Hooked On Innovation:

The Past mixing with the Future #selfie

The Past mixing with the Future #selfie

A new school year always brings about new ideas and hopeful ambition for teachers. However, it’s almost 2015.  Gone are the days when we can use the excuse that “we don’t do technology”.  Part of being a teacher in the 21st century is being creative in integrating academics and learning into student’s digital lives. With access to content being ubiquitous and instant in student’s out of school lives, we can either reject their world for our more traditional one, or embrace it.

While some of the ideas that follow may seem a bit trendy, it’s never hurts to model ways to interact with all this new media as a covert way of teaching digital literacy and citizenship.   The great news is, you don’t need every student to have a device to make these happen. Heck, in most cases all you would need is a single smart…

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Learning and Management Tools I’m Using this Year

Ok, so the dust is beginning to settle a bit.  Week 3 under our belts and among fun things that happened since the first day of school include a total reshuffling of my community team which, on the back end of it all now, I’m the new leader for my community.  I have no idea why I said yes.  Le sigh.

Meanwhile, in happy science and technology land, I’ve started putting together a set of learning and management tools that hopefully will get science humming right along.  All the kids with devices have the following apps on them: Read the rest of this entry

Change the World.

First week of school over and done.  I had the kids add 6 apps to their devices… and several of them have already started tweeting and sending me notes on My Big Campus.  I hope to make this school year one full of embedded technology learning and growing.  The goal is to prepare the children for their futures. Read the rest of this entry

Back to the Grind…


I have intentionally avoided this blog for about 3 weeks.  I was on blog vacation.  Did a little travelling (that… was life altering, thank you very much), did a little learning (that.. was career changing), did a little house remodeling (that.. was a mess) and did a LOT of doing nothing in particular (that.. was very necessary)

Way back in June, I reflected on leaving the classroom.  I’ve decided I need one more year of this. With that said, and all I’ve experienced this summer, its time to get “back on the grind”, as the young folk say. Time to shift gears and focus on creating meaningful learning experiences for my students and the staff I interact with daily.  I’ve spent the last few days, begging for a copy of my roster, changing classrooms, building a class website and making decisions about HOW I would present content this year. Read the rest of this entry

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