Professional Learning and Collaboration

Teachers are members of learning communities.

  • Teachers contribute to school effectiveness by collaborating with other professionals.
  • Teachers work collaboratively with parents.
  • Teachers take advantage of community resources.

Networking and learning from my professional peers is extremely important to me. I am the technology liaison in my building and part of a district wide educational technology team tasked with connecting teachers to learning for selves and their students.   I am working with the administration of my building to connect teachers to each others, so our common purpose can be realized on a level never believed possible before.

I am working with a small team of teachers who believe, as I do, that we are life long learners and have things we can teach each other and can learn from each other.  We are working to create a “family” of learners, who will, in turn, take their new found knowledge back to their classrooms and create life long learners in their students.

I want to work with teachers to integrate learning for our students.  Its important to me that students recognize that science and social studies connect and that math and reading mesh.  Collaborating with teachers of different disciplines ensures our students receive a holistic educational experience.

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