Nurture Individual Relationships with Students

Teachers are committed to their students and their learning.

  • Teachers recognize individual differences in their students and adjust their practice accordingly.
  • Teachers have an understanding of how students develop and learn.
  • Teachers treat students equitably.
  • Teachers’ mission extends beyond developing the cognitive capacity of their students.


When I first considered changing my career to education, I decided to try to get a feel for what was happening in school buildings and with the children we leave in the hands of others for 6-7 hours per day.  I became a parent volunteer in the building my children attended school.  Now, mind you, it was a private, Catholic elementary school, so discipline issues were different from what one would find in public schools, but I did see a relationship between teachers and students that I felt should be emulated.

The teachers cared about the students.  Not just that they learned, but that they grew, as individuals.  It was more important to them that they become thinking, feeling, cognizant members of society.  I liked that.  I thought that was important.

In a world that is becoming more and more individualistic, with people trying to get what they can at the peril of those around them, my goal is to help children see that they are not islands. What we do, as members of our local community as well as the global society has an impact on the future.

We are all change agents.  Some just need to be shown the power they have in the world.  Each child, regardless of how they learn, want to learn.  What they learn impacts who they become and how they will be change agents is predicated on how I, as well as every other teacher they encounter, models the behaviors that will mold them.

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