Curriculum Knowledge and Expertise

Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to  students.

  •      Teachers appreciate how knowledge in their subjects is created, organized, and linked to other disciplines.
  •      Teachers generate multiple paths to knowledge.
  •      Teachers command specialized knowledge of how to convey a subject to students.

I can never learn enough about science!  From the earliest time in my life, I cared about plants and animals, wondered what was beyond the sun and had deep, meaningful arguments with my parents about “all the plastic we use” around the house.

I transfer my love and knowledge of science to my students in my classroom.  They are guaranteed to learn something new about the universe weekly, if not daily from me.  I use current events and ancient history to teach them why the world exists as it does.  We know why and always what to know how.  I give them reason to look up, down and around them.  We become scientists.

To this foundation, I have added technology, engineering and math to the mix.  Now that we appreciate why and how, what are the ways we can apply our new knowledge?  Where in the world can we make change by learning about how others think or create and engineer new ways to be human?  How do we apply the math we just don’t get sometime to the world we live in?

We are, as Carl Sagan once said, “stardust”.  My job is to create stardust creators.

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