Classroom Management and Learning

Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.

  • Teachers call on multiple methods to meet their goals.
  • Teachers orchestrate learning in group settings.
  • Teachers are mindful of their principal objectives
  • Teachers regularly assess student progress.
  • Teachers place a premium on student engagement.

I don’t exactly see myself as a “teacher”.  I like the idea of being a “facilitator of learning”.  I see my role in the classroom as the person who presents several different ways to conceptualize learning, create interesting projects for students to explore what they know and want to know more about, and make assessing what they’ve learned something they can consider more than I do.

I want my students to be so engaged in what they’re learning that when I say “ok, time to wrap it up”, I hear moans and exclamations of shock that the class is over.   I want how we interact and how I manage their learning to be effortless and have the tools to make that happen.

21st Century students thrive in my classroom.  We learn science, technology, engineering and math.  We learn to manage our time and learning.  We are powerful.

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