meIn a previous life, I wanted to read a billion books, find a cure for cancer,  and live on a deserted island.  Then I grew up. Damn.

I have a bachelor’s degree in industrial supervision with a minor in Chemistry from Purdue University. I worked for 15 years as an industrial hygienist in various public and private concerns around the country and saw a lot of things in my fellow human beings that I found interesting.  So, I went back to school.

I have a bachelor’s degree in education from Calumet College of St. Joseph.  I’ve been teaching science at the high school and middle school levels for 12+ years now and still see a lot of things that I’ve found interesting in my fellow human beings.  So, I went back to school, again.

I have my Masters of Education degree in Educational Technology from the American College of Education. I plan to take my new found knowledge and create vibrant learning spaces using technology for both children and adults that will impact how they learn, what they learn, why they choose to learn it, thus making them better human beings and hopefully (prayerfully), making the world just a little bit more interesting.  Then, maybe I’ll go back to school again.  We’ll see.

I teach 8th grade science to the most amazing children on the planet.  I am also the technology liaison in my school building and leader of the building professional learning community.  I want to help teachers born and taught in the 20th century to become comfortable with the way children born in the 21st century MUST BE taught.

It’s a new day in education.  I think about that every day.  In my little corner of the world, I can create change, growth, a feeling of self respect and self worth for my colleagues in an atmosphere that says teachers are nothing.  We, as teachers, are the most powerful influence in the world.

This is my place to rant, reflect, and regroup.  Hope you enjoy what you read.

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