Tech Review: BookWidget

Summer approaches with the unconstrained immediacy of a meteor racing through space.

I just needed to say that.  Feeling kinda wordsmithy today. With that said, thinking about all the cool things you could do in your classroom NEXT year just might be on your mind.  If not, just bookmark this post and come back to it in late July or early August. No pressure.

One of the joys of belonging to a strong, active PLN is learning about all the cool new apps out there to help you make learning an experience students will never forget.  I belong to a Facebook group that is all about stuff you can do on Google Classroom.  In a recent post, someone asked about new apps.  Lots of suggestions were given but one stood out for me. Enter my new favorite: BookWidget.

I’m still playing with it but I had to share so you can play with it too.  I already see dozens of ways it can be used in a science, math, art, music or PE classroom. Well, of course it’s good for the big three too (Reading, LA and Social Studies). You can get a 30 day free trial when you register.

Here is the BookWidget Youtube Channel  for you to check out and one of the videos on how to make automatically graded tests and assignments in Classroom.  My review consists mainly of me saying… try it, it might be a Godsend for you as you find ways to become paperless, give immediate feedback and use Classroom next year.

Let me know what you think!





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