#Authentic: The Problem with Education

We, as Americans, are accustomed to always being #1 in anything and everything we do.  In recent years, we’ve been falling off the top 5 list for all the “best and brightest” categories we can be assigned to and rattling right at the top for all the “dysfunctional because” lists.  We already know which dysfunctional list we top.  More on that in another post.  As of late, we’re not in the top 10 for education

There’s a problem with education in America.  Everyone says it.  Everyone knows it.  Everyone has solutions. Very few if anyone seems to be making any headway in fixing this problem.  It’s a very frustrating situation.  I watched our Education Secretary bumble her way through her 60 Minutes interview this week and could only shake my head.  A woman with zero education cred sees there is a problem and thinks the “fix” involves moving the money around.  Is that the solution?

I know that’s not the solution. No, teachers aren’t paid enough. No, there is no money for resources. Yes, we’re sick of it. Rearranging who gets the money and how they use it, ISN’T the solution however.  I’m not even sure what the solution is.  That’s where you help.  We’re teachers.  We know how to collaborate, brainstorm, put our heads together to come up with solutions.

Please join me (and invite your colleagues), to think about this for a while.  What is the problem, what are some solutions, who are the players in the game to make it all happen?

I’ve started a little project.  An open document for us to talk to each other.  It’s public, it’s fluid, it will probably become a nightmarish mess.  I’m excited about all of that.  I ask a few questions about the problem of education.  You’re welcome to answer thinkthem.  Perhaps, depending on how deep into the rabbit hole we fall, we might actually come up with some solutions that we can use locally, or present at the state of national level.  Because, we, the educators, know how to fix a problem.

Click below to join the discussion.

Mind Map_ The Problem with Education

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