Tech Review: Engaging Congress

The Library of Congress released 3 new apps to turn the confusing world of the American Constitution into fun games that extend learning.  Read more about all 3 here.

My personal favorite of the three is Engaging Congress, an app developed by the fine folk at that rival school at the southern end of Indiana (ugh, must I say it “Indiana University”)  This game breaks the Constitution into 5 stories, each with a video to teach the main concept, followed by primary source questions and interactive activities to help students unpack the issues the Framers of the Constitution were trying to overcome and how many of those issues remain to this day.  Finally, a quiz covering the vocabulary used in the lesson reviews the material learned.  All the vocabulary definitions are also available in the activities.  The accompanying website even has a teacher toolbox to help you with ideas and resources to get started.

Available in the app store of your favorite phone, this app as well as the other two are great ways to not only teach the Constitution and history to students, but shows them the power of learning with a mobile device. (yes Abigail, there’s more to your phone that Candy Crush)

Check out the article link above for more info on all three apps and get a bit more info on THIS app below.

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