Tech Review: Study Tracks

You know how you get that one song that’s played over and over again on the radio stuck in your head? You mutter about it and hope some new song will come along to replace it, right?  There’s something scientifically good about it getting stuck there, with you humming it as you wander around the classroom or down the hall.  You remember the tune, the words, the downbeats… everything.

Let’s apply that brain science to learning. Research shows that music in the classroom, in teaching and learning, helps students retain basic “remember/understand” level material. Background music helps put students in a better mood also. So why don’t we use more music in the classroom?   Enter Study Tracks.  An app created by a group in Britain, it uses a nice redundant beat and repeating vocals to teach a topic.  Geared for grades 9-12, it covers various topics in science, history, literature and english/language arts.  A catchy little tune plays in the background while a narrator tells you what you need to know about, for instance, matter.  Then another narrator raps the exact same information.  They do it twice, and all you have to do is listen. Plus, the entire lesson transcript is there for those who would rather read while listening to the music.

The app is available on Ios and Android.  More info on it can be found at this link. The basic app is free, however, schools and districts can purchase the full complement of tunes based on number of students using the product.  With the purchased package, you can create lesson plans, playlists and customized quizzes and tests.  Student tracking, reports and resources for teachers are available also. All tunes are standards aligned.

Download the app and check it out.  I still have the dang matter song in my head… and can almost rap the whole tune!

Here’s a post Halloween mixtape for you to check out.  The kids will love this stuff.


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