Scholastic Karma

The school year starts for me August 7th with a week of PD and room decoration and planning. I’m at a new school, ready to do what I do with much passion: teach.  As I left my old school, I was in a minor panic about who would replace me and if he or she would fit into that team of goof balls I left behind. (miss you guys, for real).

As I checked out my new digs last week, the teacher next door wandered in and introduced herself.  We chatted for a while and then I left to run and errand.  When I returned, she was still there but had a couple of visitors.  My other hall neighbor (someone I’ve worked with before) came out and told me I was about to freak out.  I asked why.

The young man with my neighbor was her fresh out of college nephew.  He’d come to tell his aunt about the new job he’d just accepted.  In my old district. In my old building.  In. my. old. classroom.

I laughed  out loud.  I’d just met my replacement.  We ended up talking for almost 2 hours about classroom management, the team he’s joining, the curriculum, etc.  He’ll be great.  They’re lucky to have him.

I wandered out to my car (after finally finding a cart) to bring in some of my treasures and got stuck in the doorway coming back in.  A woman was standing there talking to a few others and helped me get the cart in.  I thanked her and started on my way.  She called my name.  I turned.  It was the (former) director of elementary curriculum in my old district.  Why was she here?  She’s the NEW director in this district!  She immediately began freaking out because she knew I was a GCE and they were just becoming a GAFE school.  Oh the work we will do together!

There was a calm in my decision to leave my position after 8 years that almost scared me.  As if I know the karma was right and the time to move out of the way for someone fresh and new had arrived.  I knew I could better use my edtech skills elsewhere.  It all worked out.

I’m ready!  Can’t wait for Monday to come so I can be part of my new team!  Have a great school year everyone!


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