Tech Review: Seesaw

I haven’t done a tech review in a minute! The “try something new each semester” rule is kicking though, so here we go!

So, in my summer PD adventure, I DIDN’T attend a session on a very interesting app called Seesaw. It wasn’t intentional; I was busy facilitating my session: Creating Formative Assessments Using Google Apps  However, through the magic of the internet and the generosity of the facilitator of that particular session, I learned a little bit about the product.

Seesaw is a student digital portfolio application.  It provides an opportunity for students to share their learning with an authentic audience, be it teacher, family, each other or if allowed, the world.  I haven’t set anything up yet because I’ll be starting the school year in a new district and building (more about that one of these days) but did join the Facebook page where I’m learning all sorts of great ways to use the app.

This one is a big deal.  I’ve attempted digital portfolios in the past with limited success.  The thing I like about Seesaw so far is, its student focused.  THEY decide what they want to share (and you can approve or disapprove their choice) so the notion of “putting my best face forward” motivates them to do their best work and in time see how they are improving.  I can’t wait to start using it and will be doing an update after I get my classes set up and have students begin adding artifacts.

Here is their Youtube channel and below is a playlist of their demos.   Enjoy!