#Intentional: Learnin’ is Earnin’

When I started my Master program in Educational Technology at the American College of Education back in 2012, my plan was to just learn what I could about the concepts and processes involved in EdTech so I could apply them in the classroom and with my colleagues in Education.  After completing the program and applying a lot of the new knowledge, I discovered I wanted to do a bit more.

I would occasionally facilitate professional development and created simple presentations for the face to face learning my charges were receiving.  After each learning session (the term training bothers me as it pertains to humans; you train an animal, you teach a human being), I found myself creating quick and dirty tutorials for some of the things we needed to know about Google Suites and other applications.  I was transported back to when I first became interesting in EdTech, not even knowing the name of what I grew to love and how I wanted to make learning accessible to as many people as possible I knew were lost on the wrong side of the digital divide.

There were a couple of classes in the M.Ed program on Instructional Design, but I’ve always felt I was missing some parts of it all, or at least needed a refresher on what is involved in the foundation of creating online courses.  While surfing aimlessly on my computer last weekend, I found something that will solve my problem.

I registered for the Instructional Design and Technology MicroMasters program at the University of Maryland through the edX platform.  Four classes, free if I don’t want the verified certificate or each cert for $199 as I finish the course.  I”m auditing the first course right now, just to get a feel for it. I have til July 1st to decide if I want to pay for the certificate. I need to do this; to provide online learning for the masses.

EdX provides MOOCs from top universities around the world and this particular course has at last count about 150 people in from absolutely everywhere.  I’ve said hello to people for the Netherlands, Turkey, Alaska, Florida, Japan and Italy.  I will be sharing knowledge with them and many more.  I’m so excited about this I don’t know what to do.  I can’t wait to start creating and sharing online courses of my own!

Its important to keep learning.. . between this, learning Spanish, working on my Google Certification and reading a couple of books, I should be very busy this summer.  Hope you are too!


Have a great summer everyone!


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