#Intentional: The Summer of Learning Dangerously

I’m addicted to learning.  If I’m not in the midst of researching something new or learning a new skill, I feel as if my life has no meaning.  I’ve been told there’s a cure for this.  I don’t want it.  (damn, that sounded like lyrics to a R&B oldie, huh?)  I love learning dangerously.  I’ll be doing a LOT of learning this summer.

First: A couple of years ago (I think) I mentioned that I was going to begin working on my Google Certifications.  I purchased the Google Trainer modules from @KaseyBell and I have been studying, on and off, with other things distracting me as I’ve gone along.  In the meantime, Google has changed the process for certification on me, so I’ve basically started over with my preparation to take the Certified Teacher exams and I will also work towards my Trainer and Innovator certifications.  I’ve spent every weekend plowing through the Educator I lessons and hopefully will take that exam in a few weeks.

Second: I am still learning some Spanish.  I use the app Duolingo and recommend it highly.  Several of my students and a couple of teachers make a point of engaging me in Spanish, forcing me to think before speaking and getting my phrasing correct.  I now have a better appreciation of what ELLs go through as they do the same in learning English.  It’s not easy processing in one language, translating and then speaking or writing it in a different language.  Hats off to all the ELLs out there!  I’m trying!

Third: It only gets better.  Our lead PLTW (Project Lead the Way) teacher has been bugging me all year about teaching a class.  I acquiesced finally and will be teaching an Environmental Engineering course (hopefully for high school credit) to 8th graders in the fall.  My learning for this new adventure will be at the end of June at the University of Illinois.

Finally, I follow @MarkBarnes on Twitter (doesn’t everyone?) and received an email the other day from his “Hack Learning Academy” about a course he’s making available on becoming a Twitter Mastermind.  Not that I necessarily WANT to be a Twitter Mastermind, but why bother having things to share with the world if the world isn’t aware you exist.  I’ll start the 8 modules of that program about midsummer.

Lagniappe: I’ll be TEACHING this summer too!  I’m facilitating at least one session at our district’s eLearning conference the third week of June. If you’re in the Chicago area, please consider spending a couple of days with us in Northwest Indiana (come on, 25 miles from downtown; you can do it!)  learning about innovation and technology in the classroom.  The event is free.  I’ll have more info on this in a week or so.

How’s that for personalizing my learning?  So much learning, so little time!  I can’t wait for the school year to end so I can dive in full time!  What will you be learning this summer?


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