#Intentional: Making PD Personal

I read the book, Hidden Figures this winter.  Amazing story about amazing women doing amazing things.  So amazing! (ok, I”ll stop now)  One thread that kept showing up in this story has inspired me.  Each of the women profiled (there were several more than highlighted in the movie version of the story), worked hard to simply “get in the door” and then, recognized their true passions and took it upon themselves to improve their skill sets so they could move into more challenging areas as their careers grew. This sometimes took the form of going back to college or find a mentor to help learn a new task, other times, it involved simply taking the initiative to simply “go learn how to do that”.  We all should recognize what we love and grow our passions, right?  I mean, what’s the use in having college degrees if you aren’t going to use them for the betterment of self and others?

As I quietly cheered the fact there would be no weekly PD at work just before Spring Break, I revisited the notion of more personalized professional development for teachers.  Assuming ALL the teachers in the building need, want or give a damn about learning a particular topic that is OBVIOUSLY content specific has become a sticking point for me as a professional.  I think, maybe, it’s time I do something… ANYTHING about making learning more personal and therefore more useful.  After reading an interesting article on the topic (with really great tools, etc.. hint, hint) by EdSurge on how PD is becoming personalized, I am going to start creating a few professional development learning modules and make them available at a nominal fee online.  I’m going to provide what I hope is effective, useful, content in a choice style for teachers.  I need your help.

Take the survey at the link below and tell me what you’d be willing to pay for such learning, what exactly you might be interested in learning and how you’d like it delivered to you.  I’ll do the rest and hopefully will have 4 – 5 units of study ready for use by mid summer. (So ambitious of me, right?)

In this year of being #intentional, let’s all consider our intent, and learn what we need to know in order to be better at what we do, shall we?  Let’s make it personal for us so we can be better able to make it personal for our students.

Thank you for taking the survey and please pass it along to all your colleagues!


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