#Intentional: Learning a Language; Listening to My Peers

So, in this year of being #Intentional,  I’ve pinned down my “to do” list for the next few months.  I will be learning to speak conversational Spanish (shouldn’t we all?) and possibly pick up another language later in the year.  I have also started listening to podcasts as I drive to work and while marching happily on my treadmill.

Learning a Language:

Research shows that being bilingual is good for brain health. Good to know for a lady with a history of dementia in the family.  I learned French in high school and actually used it for several years while working for the State of Louisiana.  (nothing like having a meaningful conversation about asbestos while standing in a swamp down in the Atchafalaya)  My father, years ago, also put us in spanish classes, but at the time, I didn’t take it seriously.

I now work in an environment where sometimes parents and I can’t communicate because of the language barrier.  That has always been unacceptable to me.  I should be able to talk to any parent in their native language if they haven’t yet learned their second language, no?  So, I researched some language apps, settled on using Duolingo and have started refreshing my memory and adding new words to my very limited Spanish vocabulary. I can’t wait to tell my students what I’m doing.  I’m sure I’ll have someone begin quizzing me and forcing me to speak the language soon.  I accept the challenge!

Listening to my Peers:

I’ve always loved listening to talk radio.  I’m a big fan of NPR and CSPAN radio.  I’ve listened to podcasts on and off for years, but this year, I’m going to be more #Intentional.  I’ve added a podcast app, Spreaker and few educational podcasts to my phone and I listen to at least one every morning on the way to work.  When I hit the treads at the gym in the afternoon (#Intentional activity #4 this year), I listen to another or two, or three.  One of them I just added dovetails on my language acquisition.  Nothing like muttering to myself while walking 2.5 mph!

Perhaps, by mid year, I’ll be able to write a post in Spanish, while sitting in a pair of shorts that are at least 2 sizes smaller, while listening to a great discussion on something fascinating.  How #Intentional of me!


What are YOUR intentions this year?




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