#Intentional: Reading with Fam: An Experiment

My first act of #Intentional behavior for the new year: My community of student learners read together twice a week.  A book is chosen, we read sections of it, the Reading and Language Arts teachers plan lessons around it and it’s a good experience for all.  We’ve read The Giver and Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, #1 so far this year. When we return from Winter Break, we will begin Speak.

Speak is a book I’ve always wanted to share with my students because of its powerful lesson in teen social behavior.  Just a brief synopsis:

Melinda is a freshman in high school with a secret.  As with all things new, she’s trying to find her way in a building where her old friends have moved on to other manifestations of themselves and she’s become the outcast. The story travels through freshman year as seen through her eyes as she processes what has happened to her and struggles to find normalcy in her life

There is something to be learned by both girls and boys in it.  I look forward to the discussions we’ll have about the story.

I want to do something a little different with this book though.  I want to have parents join us in the discussion.  I found a PDF copy of the book online which we’ll make available to the students to read along.  I will also invite parents to read along with us.  The book is also available on Audible for those (like me) who would rather listen to the book.  (In my advisory, we listen and read the books whenever possible)  I will send out a Remind notice and post on our website, inviting the parents to read along and discuss the book topic with us.  I hope we get a following.

In an academic climate that pushes more literacy, why not invite the parents to join the party?  Especially if the topic is something that should be discussed anyway?  Perhaps, after talking to the Reading and Language Arts teachers, we can even turn this into an official book club type format, with a blog set up to do the discussing.  We shall see.

I’ll keep you posted on this one.