#MyInnovativeYear: My Year in Review

Back in January, I promised myself I’d have an “innovative” year, full of doing things in different ways and growing by leaps and bounds.  Let’s see how I did, shall we?

  • I started studying for my Google Certified Trainer credentials and stopped when Google changed up on everyone.  I set that aside for now as I apparently need to study for something completely different first.
  • I did a lot of tech liaison stuff in my building last school year. I made a point of helping to get as many teachers up and running with Chromebooks , Drive and Classroom as possible so we can come closer to being a one to one building by the end of the 2016-17 school year.
  • I presented at my very first e learning conference!  Our district, in a bid to become part of a larger, statewide summer elearning summit, hosted a district wide conference.  I did two sessions on using Google Apps in formative assessment.  I apparently was a big hit.  Yay me!
  • At that same conference, I learned more about Hyperdocs and considered how I could use them as a professional development tool for teachers.  I created a summer book study which 20 people signed up for and 6 actually finished.  It was fun to teach from the road (the book study actually started while I was on my whiskey road tour through Kentucky and Tennessee.) I did discussions and helped with assignments while sitting shotgun on I65.  Everyone enjoyed that experience too.
  • Near the end of the school year, I piloted a “techy Tuesday” mini Edcamp in the building.  I’d show up in a room and anyone needing help or wanting to share some learning was welcome to show up and we’d make magic happen.  I continued that into the new school year for a few weeks, but we were all so busy with other things, I discontinued it until the second semester.
  • I’ve cleaned up my resume/cv.  As part of the new year, I’ve decided to be intentional.  In doing so, it’s time I believe to shift gears in my career. Although I love teaching 8th graders science and also love working with teachers as they learn technology, I feel I was meant for bigger, more exciting things.  I also feel just a little burnt out, or perhaps bored in the classroom now, knowing there is so much more out there I could be doing.  So, I’ve shaken some branches on my network tree and actually applied and done phone interviews for jobs I’m just qualified for but know I really don’t want, just for practice.  Keep you updated on that.
  • I put all of my Monday Technology Notes in book form.  I will poke around in January for a publisher.  If I can’t find one, I will seriously consider self publishing.  Keep you up to date on that project, I promise!
  • I participated in George Couros’ “My Innovative Mindset” MOOC based on his book.  Most of my blogging this semester was based on that was learned during that experience.  There are many things yet to learn as I turn innovation into intention.

Well that’s it.  Quite a year!  I didn’t get everything done I wanted. I side tracked a little, but that’s ok; timing is everything. In the new year, I will be intentional, focusing on the specific things I need to do before taking flight, including writing a plan for my top secret project…

How was your year?  Did you move forward in your career?  As you reflect, do you see places you need to change, improve, respond boldly?  I hope so.

Have a great New Year’s everyone.  Let’s get to it!