New Year, New Intentions

  1. done on purpose; deliberate.
    “intentional wrongdoing and harm”

I have reached the point in my career where, I believe, I have completed a particular purpose.  This is not to say I want to now leave education or that I no longer enjoy teaching.  I just feel as if my work here.. . is done.

So, with the new year, I will set innovation and vision in their proper places and consider my “intention”.  I will, with deliberate action, consider my options and willfully change gears.  I will prepare to leave the classroom.

There are places in the current version of my 5 year plan that I’ve stalled or abandoned.  I will pick them back up with focused, calculated, purpose so I am able to present myself in the coming months as someone who is qualified, impassioned and excited about the possibilities for myself, learners of all ages, and the world as we move forward in what I am sure we can all agree, will be interesting, and perhaps, even perilous times.

The shift will be dramatic. It has to be.  The “war on education” is about to become a bloody series of battles, where every soldier in the classroom and every leader making decisions must do so knowing someone, somewhere would rather we’d simply go away.  We must prepare the children for something that is just beginning to peek its head over the horizon.  They can’t see it, but they can sense it.  The teachers see it, but many are still afraid of it.  I want to lead the soldiers over that hill, fearlessly, for the children’s sake.

In writing this, I expose myself to those who might find my need to move on to something more.  I am not sure how they will react to it.  I really don’t care anymore a threat. I refuse to remain static for the comfort of those who feel the need to control the speed at which change occurs.  We’re moving too slowly and that’s not acceptable to me.

So, several job applications, about a half a dozen phone conversations and a quiet massaging of my network later, I’m preparing to leave, intentionally, one level of education, in search of a way to invoke purposeful change in other levels of education.  It will be fun, I know it will.  It will be challenging, I need it to be.  It will be risky, I love that most of all.

So, new year, new intention.  Let’s clean up, pack up and see what happens, shall we?