Tech Review: The NEW Google Sites!

Man, I haven’t done a tech review in ages, have I?  This one is gonna be great!

So, I heard through the cyber grapevine several months ago that Google was (finally) going to revamp Google Sites.  I love Sites and have created several websites with it.  The job of building on the old version of Sites was arduous to say the least but well worth the necessary steep learning curve and hours of cursing when you realized you got all your pages embedded in the wrong order.  All that is gone away with the new Sites.

Using the same plug in technology they used when upgrading Google Forms, Sites now is a clean, easy drop and move set-up that makes building easy.  I will assume they are still in beta format as things like hiding pages on navigation aren’t available (I like keeping the navigation simple with only a few links to click on the main page) and unless you know html, the choices for personalizing the page are minimum.  (I’ve really got to learn a little more code… #goals) As with all G Suite apps, you can always make a suggestion to fix/change the way some tools are used.  I suggested that pages could be hidden on the navigation tool.

Check out this tutorial by @Teacher Tech on the new, improve, ever evolving Google Sites! ( I do believe I’ll have to do a review of the Youtube channel for this guy next!)

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