When Is a Learning Space More?

I’ve been driving my local PLN crazy this year.  I keep talking about this vision I have of a place where learners of all ages can come at their leisure to learn whatever they want.  A starting point for exploring the global wealth of resources available to anyone and everyone, I keep seeing this “space”.

This week, while sitting in my bed pretending I didn’t have a meal to cook, and playing around with the new Google Sites (review on that jewel of a reboot later), I messed around and created something that just might become something big and wonderful.

In my community, we talk alot about “building”.  Here, we recognize the importance of education in the ultimate strength and stability of community and how, when we do have to fight back against ignorance, education, not violence or rhetoric, is how it’s done. So I’ve started building an online learning space.

Right now, it is set up in categories that are found in any traditional school setting, only because I know that’s where one could start such an enterprise.  Simple, short lessons for beginners or re-learners to flex their academic muscles.  I’ve shown it to a few people who are “in” on the project and all agree, this could become so much more.  Afterall, aren’t life skills, and job skills, and entrepreneurial skills and all sorts of other things just as important to learn as ABCs and 123s?

I’d show it to you, but I can’t.  Sorry.  We’re setting timelines and beta testing dates and making decisions on what should be included and who should do what and finding people to do the things we don’t know how to do and all that jazz.

This year has pushed me in ways that no other year in the past 10 years has.  Something is on the horizon that will force immediate, radical change in how we teach and how people will go out and learn.  I need to be part of that.  Don’t you?

I’ll update you on our progress after the first of the new year. (Jesus, 2017 already?)