What if … I decided that the classroom wasn’t the place to change the face of education as I understand it.

What if… the ‘re-education’ of educators has no meaning in a world where educators are learners?

What if… I opt out of the status quo and recognize the truth about “innovative learning”?

What if… jumping off a cliff of “hundreds of years of research, knowledge, and reality” into a rocky, splintery unknown won’t kill anyone, but you will get bruised?

What if… continuing to talk about it really does get in the way of being about it?

What if… the small group of people I know aren’t afraid of that jump, are ready to jump?

What if… not using catch phrases and keywords would release us all from the obligatory “follow the leader” mentality that exists in this leaderless quest for change?

What if… pretending it really is a new age and a new world, and data isn’t important like the people who really have no idea what they’re talking about insist it is, proves to be more interesting?

What if… in the new calendar year, taking a deep breath, closing ones eyes, and just saying, “fuck your reality”… makes you feel better?

What if… I stop typing now and get on with it all?


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