Hyperdoc on Tap

So, I bought the book, I’ve actually read it (that’s what you’re supposed to do with the books you buy, right?) and I made a few docs.  I even poked around online and looked at docs others have made.

I made my first Hyperdoc late last Spring for Earth Day, and my second for the Summer Book Study  using Google Docs.  The experience was good for the participants, once they figured out how to move through the document (note 1: cleaner instructions).  I figured, if adults could get through the thing without losing their minds, students could do it too.  So I made another one!

For my environmental science unit, I decided to use Google Slides for the Hyperdoc.  Presentations embedded in presentations is an interesting experience for me. Although these are 8th graders and are more than capable of working in 2 or more tabs at a time, I’ll have to remember not to embed too many things so the students won’t end up with too many tabs manage.  I also added a Google Form to one lesson in the series and a Doc activity to another.  I introduced it to my classes this week.

Most of them love the way all their work for the lesson is in one document that they can come back to whenever they are ready to work on it. The few  complaints centered around work flow, which may or may not actually be an issue on my side (after witnessing one student simply trying to get a pen out of his binder, I think he’s confusion is chronic).  This particular chapter has 3 lessons, but lots of activities, so I will do more Doc based assignments for the remainder of the Hyperdoc to help keep down confusion for my lovelies.

This has transformed my classroom in to 100% paperless format! The only writing being done at this point is in their textbooks (Pearson Interactive) and notebooks (where writing out notes is mandatory). Ten years ago, I would have never dreamed this day would come, but here I am!  I’m not sure what to do with all the time I will now save, because all assignments will be dropped neatly into either Classroom or Edmodo (I’m conducting an experiment with these two this year), and at this point, I’m just giving credit for the discussion responses. (this bunch loves discussing things!)

What a great start to the year.