STEM & Literacy: Learning about Earning

Literacy,  noun

the ability to read and write; competence or knowledge in a specified area.

I am always thinking of new ways to incorporate reading, writing and discussions into my science curriculum.  After a discussion with a co worker about exposing our students to things they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to, I’ve decided to start a bimonthly STEM discussions.

I will be using biographies on men and women with interesting STEM careers,  having the students consider their interests in math, science, engineering and technology and showing them the different ways they can apply their learning to the many career options out there.  By having them read non fiction texts, looking for main ideas, clues to the thinking of the author and/or subject, they learn to appreciate reading. They will also be writing in a discussion forum, gives them practice in interacting appropriately and writing in coherent, well thought out statements.

I’m starting this adventure with a little known mathematician, Katherine Johnson.  In the years before the space program really took off, and mainframe electronic computers were in general use, Katherine was one of a group of women known as “computers”. These brilliant mathematicians literally computed the equations necessary to make the space program possible.  You can learn more about Katherine here.

I will be conducting these discussions on Edmodo this year.  No, I haven’t abandoned Google Classroom; I’m combining the two in an experiment in uber organization and collaboration.  More on THAT later…

Let the exploration begin!




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