By the End of this School Year You Will…

You know the drill. Its the way we write our objectives, our expected learning outcomes,  so students know what it is they’re about to be exposed to, and what they are expected to learn by the end of their learning experience.  It gives them focus and helps them recognize their role in their learning.

Why don’t teachers write objective statements for themselves?

I spent a few minutes catching up with a coworker the other day as we prepare to take on another year of teaching and learning.  The conversation turned to our personal growth and professional passions.  My coworker commented on what she knew I wanted to do with my career soon and she’d been considering what she wants to do.  A few things were changing for her in her personal life and she just wants to take greater control of the situation.  She’s written an objective statement for herself, even though I’m not sure she realizes it.  I’m proud of her.  I hope she makes it happen and that it works out for her in a positive way.

I’ve reflected several times in this forum about my objectives and some of the outcomes.  This year, its a little different.  I’ve reached a point in those intersecting objectives where the outcome is becoming much clearer than it ever been before.  I’ve learned many things over the past 3 – 4 years, have had formative tests along the way to check my knowledge, understanding and application.  I’ve synthesized and created new and authentic work and have become more comfortable in my abilities to act on what I do.

Now I only have a few more steps to take before I take that summative test.

As I spoke with my coworker, I felt good about where I am and her statements of “I’m doing this partly because I know what you’re going to be doing this year” resonated in my ears.  Is it that obvious?  Yes, in fits of rage and frustration, I have in the last year, threatened to “pack my grip and go” on several occasions, but do the wings really look strong enough that people observing can safely say, “yes, Chevin, its time to fly.”?hurdles

Ok. So, my objective statement for this school year is as follows:

By the end of this school year, I will be able to take wing and fly, soaring to new heights of professional passion and joy.  I will have all the tools, experiences, supports, and resources to make my mark.  I will show mastery of my goals by changing lanes professionally.  I will be amazing.

Let the test begin.