Ready to Quit Teaching? Try Job Crafting First

I think I’ve started doing this… and didn’t even realize it… mmmm Yay me!


At the end of this year, I had a major thought: I need alcohol. Then, I had a more productive thought: I need a change. You’ve had those years, right? When the challenges of teaching stalk you like dementors, sucking the life out of your soul?

But as much as I’ve thought about waving goodbye to education, I know that my sense of purpose would suffer. There are aspects of education that no other career can offer me. I also know that the grass is greener where you water it.

If you are like me, and you know you need change, consider doing a little job crafting before kicking your calling to the curb.

Job Crafting? Tell Me More . . .

Job crafting is a practice studied and supported by researchers like Amy Wrzesniewski of Yale, Justin Berg of Upenn, and Jane Dutton of the University of Michigan. Wrzesniewski describes…

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