The Season of Leadership

followership  I  have been told I’m a teacher leader.  Such a funny title “teacher leader”.  It apparently means, that I, as a classroom teacher, have taken it upon myself to lead in some capacity, which is true, I have.  I suppose I should be honored by the title.

When I was about 21 years old, I came home from college one summer and immediately took control of the youth group at my church, mainly because noone seemed to be in charge, but also, because I wanted to learn something about these kids.  Most of them were the younger brothers and sisters (including mine) of my friends.  I was told then, I was a leader in the making.

So what does being a leader really mean? What is entailed in becoming a leader and being good at that job?  Hell if I know.  I haven’t thought about it. All I know is, when something needs to be done, and I feel a burning passion to do something about it, I simply do.

This is, for me, the season of leadership. I want to shift the dynamic for myself and my career as well as shift the mindset of my professional colleagues.  We’re on the cusp of district greatness (someone said that, I have no idea what it means) and I suppose I want to be there to help make it happen.

Here is a Ted Talk on what it takes to be a great leader.  I suppose I should start working on it….


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