#MyInnovativeYear: Presenting… Me!

I run professional development sessions with the staff at my school all the time.  I know these people; they’re a funny, quirky bunch of professionals, the majority of whom, love to learn new things.  I USED to run professional development sessions when I was an OSHA consultant, more than 20 years ago.  Those people were usually total strangers, frantic about “doing the right thing” so they wouldn’t get fined and wanting me to be their “savior”.

I like being a professional development trainer.  Its fun.

This week, Monday, I facilitated 2 sessions of professional development for the teachers of the School City of Hammond.  I created a great Slides presentation, practiced it in front of several people who would have painfully honest assessments of my ability to make sense, and I was over prepared for the experience.

The introvert in me had a meltdown about halfway through the keynote address that morning.  I slowly rose from my seat in the auditorium and wandered out into the hall.  I walked all the way to my assigned classroom, checked, double checked, triple checked, then went back, slowly to the auditorium. I texted my “anchor”, he texted back and told me to breathe and I’d be fine.  I assured him that he was a damned liar and the next time I saw him, I’d tell him that to his face.  He laughed.  I felt better.

The time came and people began wandering into my session.  I knew a couple of them from my building.  They smiled and gave me the thumbs up.  They knew I could do it.  I got through it, hands on activity and all, without a hitch. As they left the room, I crumpled into a chair.  And smiled.  I did it. I presented at an e-learning event without stumbling, technical issues, or not really freezing up with the answers to the tough questions.  I sat through a session on Hyperdocs, became overwhelmed with THAT, and hid in my room during lunch. My second session went better than the first, partly because I was comfortable with the whole thing, and the group was just happy to be learning… which I love.

So, now I”m going to be a presenter!  How innovative of me!  I love my job… I love what I do, I can’t wait to do it again!


That’s me… with my personal peanut gallery memorializing the event!