Getting Serious About It: My Journey to Google Certified Trainership

About eighteen months ago, I reflected on becoming Google Certified. At the time, I was focused on becoming a Certified Educator, had done my research, looked into taking the exams, actually took a couple and bombed them miserably and decided to step back and think this goal through more thoroughly.  I’ve read a few articles on the topic, talked to a few people who are working towards that goal, even joined a group studying for the exams but discovered, I had way too much on my plate to take it all in at the time.  Or so I chose to tell myself.

A few weeks ago, I came across Kasey Bell’s blog post on becoming a Google Certified Trainer and thought,

am I ready to do this?  Am I prepared to put in the time, map out the schedule, do the work and reach the goal?

I am training the staff at my school on GAFE products.  That makes me a trainer.  Why WOULDN’T I do this? Like I said, I’d told myself I had too much going on to do this.  After failing exams that, in my mind, should have been pretty easy considering I use GAFE products daily, really messed with my head and caused me to wonder if I was worthy of the badge.  Reading Kasey’s posts on the topic and reconsidering the “why” of why I bailed before, I concluded, yes, I DO want to be a trainer and becoming certified by Google is my goal.  I will carve out the time, focus on the studying and build my resume of training work so I can see my skill set for myself and others can appreciate it as well.

I signed up for her Google Certified Trainer Course last week.  I started the modules today.  In her first module, she gave an overview of the course, the certification process and how this process isn’t for the faint of heart.  If you want to be a trainer, if you want to teach adults how to use GAFE products and do any other sort of software and/or educational training, this is a great place to start.  She spoke on her journey to certification and minced no words on what it will take to do it.  It’s something a person has to want, in order to build their reputation either in their school or district or in the wider educational technology community as a competent leader in the field.

That’s what I want. I’m all in.  I’m scared out of my wits.  I’m so excited I can’t even begin to organize my thoughts.  Help.

So far, the course has been great.  It’s well put together, there is a great network of support from Kasey and the other participants in the form of a Google + community.  It is self paced, so I feel no pressure to “get it done yesterday”, which is important to me considering my first attempt at this was a bit negative.  I will set mini goals as I go along and use the planning guide she’s provided to look into the future, where I WILL receive my badge.

I’m serious.  It’s time.  Let’s do this.  Wish my luck!