#MyInnovativeYear: The NEW Project

Yes, I know, I start them and then need people to push me to finish them.  At least I put them on paper so I have something to consider, right?

So “the project” is moving along slowly.  I’ve almost finished curating my pages and now have reached out to a couple of people about the legalities and assorted publishing items I must consider.  I should have most of what needs to be handled taken care of by the end of this month… if I focus.

With that said, I have now given myself a NEW project.

Having become a Google disciple, I haven’t had much reason to pull out my iPad for anything more than reading my ebooks.  I took it out this weekend and checked my purchased apps list just to see what I’ve acquired over the years.  I happened upon my Notability app and opened it up.

I always loved this app for typing up notes for my hearing impaired student a few years ago.  That’s when it occurred to me: I could create note sheets on various topics, put them in bundles and sell them on my Teachers Pay Teachers store (which has been languishing sadly).

With all the push with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and my never ending need to find a way to get students to actually STUDY some notes, this might be a way to make some magic happen.  I’ll play around with it a bit and see what I can come up with and if it looks like its doable, I’ll spend a few days right after school is out putting the first bundle of notes together on a particular topic.

Here is an early attempt of mine using Notability.  Yeah, I have to dust this one off and use it some more!