#myInnovativeYear: The “Project”

I don’t “do” New Year’s resolutions. Those are for people who already know they don’t really have a plan or goal for the year and need something to announce they’ve failed at before the first of February.  I set goals and place them under umbrellas of usefulness to me or the world.  I still live by my mantra.. be a change maker.  This year, I decided I would innovate. I work hard to make learning in my science classroom fresh and different; I innovate there a lot.  I have always wanted to create something for adult learners though; change how something is done/delivered/embraced.

So, the other afternoon, while sitting outside a school with a really nice playground, waiting for my daughter to interview for her “dream job”,  I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and found a post by Kasey Bell.  I love Kasey, she’s the innovation queen of Edtech. I clicked the link to her site, read through the blog post, considered it all and closed the link. That was 10:20 am.

Two thirty-four in the morning, I woke with a start. My head was full of the reality of what I was thinking. I would write a book.  Not just any book, an eBook.  I had the topic, the material was already written and archived and Kasey had just told me how to do it.  I quietly climbed out of bed, grabbed my laptop and headed for the only place I could work that time of night without snoring, cats demanding affection, or other distractions: the man cave.

By 4:30 am, the skeleton was complete and I was adding meat to my monster.  I’m writing an eBook!  I don’t want to give away any details yet.  I’m consulting with academic colleagues on G+ and Twitter on style, coding issues, copyright laws, etc., and  that legal stuff one has to handle, but for the past 3 days, I’ve been writing a book! It will probably be between 30 and 50 pages long when I’m done.  I know, not a masterpiece, but a nice little Edtech resource book.  I’ve even found an online publisher that’s reasonable and that will do distribution for me! Unless I come up with some other stuff that actually requires a bit of researching, I should have it done by the end of April.

EEEEKKKK. This. is. scary.  Shouldn’t it be, though?

I’m being innovative!  Well, apparently, I was being innovative before and didn’t know it and am just putting it all in a book so others can use it. I’M BEING INNOVATIVE!!

Imagine if I did this with my science units….mmmm I’ll sketch that out when I finish this.  Then, there are the two or three people who also want to be innovative that have mentioned what they’d like to do…. double mmmm

I’m so excited!  More later.


How can you be innovative? How can you take education and learning to the next level and share it in a new way?


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