Adventures in Google Classroomland: Experiments in Blogging

bloggerLast year, when students completed presentations and other media rich projects for the weather project, they just sent them to me and I posted them on our Blogger site.  This year, I want the students to post to the blog themselves.  Taking ownership of the blog should be their responsibility and in doing so, I hope to get more participation than I did last year.This naturally means I’ll have to either invite them all to become authors (there are 111 of them) or take the time to add each of their email addresses, either individually or in csv. format.  I’ll think on that for a few minutes before deciding.

Blogging,  of course, is an excellent way to create authentic learning.  I’ve used blogging before to give voice to introvert students and those with a more creative bent.  This particular group of students tends to be creative, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with and allow them to share with each other.

Being a WordPress blogger, I can sometimes from the simplicity of Blogger to be a bit limiting, however, for our purposes, it is more than adequate and hopefully will prove to be a great way to introduce the students to blogging.  I’ll even help those who’d like, to set up their own blogs on their school and/or private Google accounts.

What will we be sharing on Blogger this year?  Well, to start, videos!  In Task 2, the students have the option to “create a cloud”.  Those that do this activity (worth 30 points!) are instructed to record their experiment and share the video with their peers.  I suppose THIS means they’ll need to set up YouTube accounts, huh?  Oh, this is going to be fun!  Another activity asks them to create a presentation.  This will also be shared on Blogger. I may, if I don’t use Edmodo, start a few discussions on Blogger also.  Have them watch a video and then comment maybe?  We shall see.

Here is Task 2, almost ready to go!

Task 2: Five activities are on Classroom this time, 3 activities will go on Blogger, and the last one is a Google Form quiz.


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