Adventures in Google Classroomland: Peeking Over Your Shoulder

Google-Classroom-UpdatesSo, the Google Classroom pilot is plodding along in my building.  Depending on the amount of technology each has, some teachers are using Classroom as an announcement board, others are adding full lessons and assignments to their feeds, etc.  We’re talking to each other about things we’re doing, what we’d like to do, how the students are responding to it all and its going well.

One of the freshman science teachers is peeking over my shoulder by “co teaching” my class.  I”m co teaching hers.  Well, not exactly.  She wanted to see what I was doing on my feed so I invited her to peek in.  Her name is posted next to mine at the top of the page and my students spent 2 weeks asking, “who is THAT?”

Oh, just a high school teacher watching you work. Impress her with your ability to get assignments turned in on time, ok?

She invited me to co teach her class.  Her students all have phones and most have access to computers outside of school.  She hasn’t received her Chromebook cart yet, so she is using her feed to send assignment announcements and keeping people on track.  She uses the calendar a lot more than I do and her students participate more in the discussions she posts than mine do.  Amazing how one year difference in maturity can get a different result in using technology. I had a lot of her kids last year, could NEVER get them to participate in discussions…. unless they wanted to clown around.  I have the same problem this year.  Oh well.

It takes time for students who are on the wrong side of the digital divide to warm up to the notion that this device in their hand or on the desk in front of them can be used to explore learning.  They’re getting it though… slowly.

As I write this, its snowing outside.  We’re having our first (and hopefully last) snow day of the year.  I sent a remind out to the crew to take this opportunity to do two things:  get some work done and go make some money as soon as it stops snowing.  No response.  Meanwhile over on Ms. Hampton’s feed, questions galore about the work she’s given them.

Maybe I need to move to high school….mmmm.




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