Adventures in Google Classroomland: Using Google Draw as an Assessment Tool

I have always wanted to do something substantial with Google Draw.  The icon sits on my waffle drop down looking so forlorn and lonely.  I also don’t want to have to print another Venn Diagram in my life.  I think I found a way to use G-Draw and get that assessment done at the same time.

I am finishing up the Chemistry Unit and want to make sure my little minions can distinguish between an ionic bond and a covalent bond.  Basic compare and contrast, right?  Enter a Venn diagram.  I asked around on Google+ about how that might work in G-Classroom and got positive responses so off to G-Draw I went.  Creating the diagram was easy enough.  Adding flourishes like images instead of words or statements was simple. The beauty of this is differentiation.  I added images for the visual learners, words for the readers.  Next time I might add audio and perhaps even links to videos.  It has a built in “fix it” appeal to it, as students can check, double check and correct before submitting for grading.  I can make them as colorful as I like also.

I added the diagram as an assignment to G-Classroom, giving each student their own individual document.  THEY LOVED IT!  Comments like, if I put the word in the wrong place, I don’t have to erase it, and this is almost like a game, were heard several times.  Submitting it was a little dicey for a few people, but I think that’s some internal issue that I need to check on with our network.

Go paperless!  Make it interactive!  Use Google Draw!  I find new ways to love Classroom daily.  Have you tried to create an assessment (other than with G-Forms) and added it to Classroom?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

Check out a screen print of my assessment here below. Here it is live. Others have done this also; here is a You Tube tutorial if you’re interested in creating your own!

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