Innovation, Incorporated

New Year’s resolutions are for the weak.  I don’t do them.  Instead, I consider the goal for the year; the one thing I need to start, finish, continue, look into, etc., that can move me to the next level either personally, professionally, or spiritually.  I’ve done this before, finishing on my masters, looking into Google certification, getting some teacher leadership experience under my belt.  Done and Done.  This year, its all about taking this all to the next level.  This year is about innovation.


noun in·no·va·tion \ˌi-nə-ˈvā-shən\
  • : a new idea, device, or method

  • : the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods

The plan for the year is to study for the Google Certified Educator program.  This is necessary so I can then begin considering ways to provide professional development for teachers who, I have observed, work in “learning deserts”, charter schools, small private/religious schools, deeply entrenched urban districts, etc.  who aren’t getting the technology and pedagogical learning they need to be effective as educators in the 21st century.

I’ve been approached several times by teachers who want to know how to use Google, how to stop being the “sage on the stage”, how to reinvent their classroom experience for their students.  I always ask, doesn’t your principal provide PD for you to help you innovate your teaching style?


This has bothered me immensely.  I know lots of teachers who are capable, great teachers, “stuck” in neutral, not necessarily by their own choice, who thirst for more.  I want to provide that for them.  I will become, in 2016, “Innovation, Incorporated”.  I will become the Edupreneur I know I can be, providing a product, an idea, a concept that can help to change mindsets in education.  I “itch” for the opportunity to do this.  We should all want to innovate, to help change the way education works.

Not sure yet, how I will do this.  I’ve began mapping it all out.  Studying for the certification is the first thing.  I”m also in a MOOC on reading literacy in science classes (something I really need to work on), and I need to bounce some thoughts off my confidants, who always bring clarity to the foggy scene I present to them.  I need to set up a timeline for getting things done.  So, perhaps, by the beginning of the new school year, I will be in a particular place of “credibility” as an innovator.  I hope so.

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