Adventures in Google Classroomland: It’s ALIVE!!!

 Remember way back at the beginning of this adventure I said I think I might be creating a monster?  It started breathing Tuesday Morning.


Let me back up. Two weeks ago, I was asked to run our weekly Monday professional development session where all the teachers gather during one of their two preps and learn something new.  I decided to introduce them to Google Classroom.

I taught to 6 different sets of teachers during the day. I could see my rogues, whispering to each other, thinking it through and coming up with a plan, the lurkers were paying attention and asking all the good questions, the curmudgeons keep checking their watches. We all joined a PD class I created and I started pushing a few things to them to help them get started. It was a good day of learning for us all.

Tuesday morning, I have several emails from some of the rogues, all ready to hit the ground running asking questions about getting the kids’ email addresses activated if they weren’t and general questions about Classroom.  I answered them all and told them to just go for it and see what happens.  Eight teachers set up classes that day. One even decided to try to give a quiz using Forms (she’d never done that before and found some video tutorials) and even figured out how to use add-ons to grade the thing.   She’s completely out of control!  I love it!

The joy of helping teachers learn new technology is the greatest high I can think of and I love doing it.  We’ll be starting an “official” Google Classroom pilot in January, but seeing teachers jump right in and testing the waters with their students is amazing!  My monster is alive!!!!



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  1. I’m currently facilitating a Google Classroom for my sixth-grade teachers and another for my seventh. I try and showcase a variety of means on how to integrate it into their classes. Good luck and keep us posted!


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