Tech Review: Quizlet

quizletI don’t recall if I’ve reviewed this app before or not.  If so, this would be considered an update.  If not, I have no idea what I was waiting to tell you!

So, as my Adventure in Google Classroomland continues, I became frustrated with my students’ lack of interest/desire/motivation to learn and practice using their vocabulary.  I’ve used Quizlet before, when I didn’t have full 1:1 access for the students with limited success, but now that everyone has a device in front of them, I’ve decided to try again as part of my Versal flipped lessons.

The kids LOVE it!  Quizlet has different modules to accommodate different learning styles.  Students can use flashcards, learn the definitions, practice spelling and play games.  I can, with my upgrade, be the voice my auditory students hear as they learn the words. Images can be added to each card for the visual students.  The games keep my competitive ones at each other’s throats… in a nice way.  There’s even a practice test for those who want to check their understanding.

The upshot of all of this?  When I ask for a definition, hands fly into the air, people are giving me correct definitions AND examples!  I hear discussions during inquiry labs that include correct use of vocabulary.  I have students giggling and telling me they love Quizlet.

Quizlet comes in a free teacher edition and a paid upgrade.  The paid upgrade allows you to replace the automatic voice overs with your own voice.  (which the children LOVE)  You can create classes (I have opted not to do that at this time), create folders to put chapter/unit study sets together and you have the option of keeping all your work private or sharing with the Quizlet world.  Sharing allows other teachers/students to access your study sets. If you set up classes (or study the sets yourself), Quizlet keeps track of your learning for you.

Check it out below. (dude is talking 90 miles an hour… but this is a very recent tutorial) If you decide to sign up, name me as your referrer.. (CSSTONE)… then invite others.. We’ll all get free usage!


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