Adventures in Google Classroomland: Fine tuning the Instrument

Last week in Adventures…


mrs stone's scienceThe most amazing thing happened this week.  Except for the minor inconvenience of having to log into Versal every single time someone wanted to work on the lesson, nothing went wrong.  Students came into the classroom, opened up Chromebooks, logged in and quietly got to work; all before the bell rang.  When I shut the door and said hello, they looked up at me like I was interrupting their favorite movie.  If I suggested we discuss something in the book before they got too busy with their lessons, vocabulary games and/or virtual labs, a few of them snarled at me.  They love the “break” of completing a lab or reading an article, but they have discovered things on the internet they simply did not know existed.

I think I’m afraid now.  I’ve created teenage learning machines and I don’t know how to cut them off.  *help*

They have figured out how to navigate Versal and are getting the hang of finding their work on Drive now.  They love my nearly immediate feedback when they finish an assignment. I love not having 110 pieces of paper to deal with every week. They’re asking if there is anything else they should add to their notes as they do reading assignments.  Most are doing additional research on topics. (I was informed there’s a fish out there that eats the inside of a larger fish’s mouth, moves in and steals any fish the bigger fish catches… I lost 10 minutes of time sitting in the corner muttering and staring at that one)

So NOW WHAT?  How do I add MORE to this experience?  How do I turn GClassroom into something bigger, badder, more interactive?  We must discuss a topic.  Yes, end the chapter by having one huge discussion.  Make it happen.  Great formative assessment; excellent opportunity to check writing styles; covers at least 3 technical writing standards.  I’m on it.

Next week, we start a chapter on Pollution and Recycling.  I think I’ll have them create some presentations and post them for all the world to see… on a GSites  or Blogger page perhaps.  mmm

This is getting good people.

Help me out.. what should I do next?  What is some great thing YOU’VE done with Google Classroom?

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