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I am a big fan of adding video/audio media to lessons in the classroom.  This summer, I learned how to create learning stations that mix up the types of ways content on a particular topic could be presented and add things to learning in a way that is entertaining, thought provoking and can differentiates the lesson for students.  As most who use video know, its not always easy to find great, reliable, relatively unbiased content.  I think I found something that can help with that.

Curiosity Stream is a curated video site that takes the best of various content areas in science, technology and human studies and puts it all in one place.  Broken into three main search groups: topics, experts, and types (interviews, documentaries, etc.), this site just might be my go to place for several topics I’ll be covering this school year.

I’m teaching a unit on Environmental Science this year, for the first time.  Curiosity Stream has been a god send.  Unlike YouTube or some other sites where you can find a great deal of very biased content, most of the material here is bonafide, documentary style video from reliable sources and experts. (However, a great lesson for any academic content area is to show biased and unbiased videos side by side and have the students compare the two!)

There is a small monthly fee for use of the videos: $2.99 for standard streaming, $5.99 for high definition streaming.  You can cancel anytime with no penalty. Videos can be streamed directly from the site or linked out to add to your own site.  They are currently having a Back to School special (until September 17th) that you might like to check out.


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