Tech Review: Synergyse

Our district technology e-coach is counting down the days til her maternity leave (congrats Alisha!) and in the meantime, life must go on at the 22 schools she lovingly provides excellent tech support.  My building has received the account information for our students and we’re ready to help them set up their Google accounts!  One problem, Alisha has training modules for them, but no way for us to confirm all the students have gone through the training.  Me, not being one to sit idly by, started looking for a way to at least have training at their fingertips.  I asked over at Google+ Classroom community and it was suggested I try Synergyse.  There does NOT appear to be a way to assess or track who is doing the training, but at least the training is there for them to use.

I think this might work.  Adding the extension to a Chrome browser allows anyone to have training on the fly as the soon as they open any Google app.  I’m using the free trial right now and will get permission to add it to some of the lab computers, so, as students begin creating docs, when they get stuck, an answer is right there for them.  The education upgrade is $10/teacher and all students free.  I’ll let the IT director know, it might be a good investment for the district.

Check out how it works below.

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