Designing My Virtual Space

I have piloted various products as I’ve flipped my class over the years, all with varied success.  What I am looking for is a way to create a flex book of the learning I want my students to experience.  I want this flex book to be easily accessible by students and parents.  I want the flex book on a website that can be easily managed and maintained.  I think I might finally have it all.

As mentioned in my post on Versal, I like that app! It will hold my flex book platform this year.  Using CK-12 content (under their Creative Commons cert, of course) and adding my own content, I hope to build a “living, breathing” learning environment for my students.  I’ve spent the summer in an online class learning how to design an online/blended course and will be finishing that up this week.  I have learned how to choose a website platform for it all, an LMS to manage it, the various tools to create and disseminate the learning and this week, how to assess it all.

My community team will be using Weebly as our website.  Each teacher has their own page to set up as they choose.  Two of us are actually flipping our classes (science and math) with the other 3 doing some variation on homework announcements, assignment dissemination. Our intended audience for this site is students and parents, with parents having access to our announcement page as well as class pages.  On my page, I will use Versal as my flipped lesson app and the 4 unit projects will be on separate Google Sites.  All of it will be accessible to the students Google Classroom.  (btw, have you added the new “add to Google Classroom” extension to your arsenal yet?!)

I’m hoping to streamline many of the things I’ve done in the past in this virtual site by making work paperless and communication more efficient.  I’m sure there will be glitches, but I’m hopeful!


How will you create a more paperless classroom this school year? In what ways can you blend classroom work with virtual work?