Tech Review: Piktochart

So, as I was ripping down all the ancient posters of various sorts in my classroom the last couple of days of school, I wondered if it were possible for me to create new ones – updated ones – for the fall. I’ve wanted to learn how to create infographics also and though perhaps the combination of the two would work if I could print out the graphics as posters.

After a bit of research and discussion with my PLN on Google+, I settled on trying Piktochart. Easy to navigate, with great templates for the novice, I played around with it a bit and created a nice infographic about me. Check it out below.  (the woman in the picture is NOT me, I have to get a head shot done… haha)

It is possible to download and save your infographics with Pikochart as PDFs, which is great for me as there is a poster maker in my building.  (I am the queen of “can you make me a poster from this… please?”)  There is a blank template and several categories of drag and drop templates you can use to create your own personal masterpiece. You can add images from their image bank, the internet or your own personal collection.  There are also lots of different backgrounds to add texture and color to your graphic. I created mine using the CV2 template.

I will be making a scientific methods infographic as well as my classroom expectations poster using this tool.  I’m sure, if I take the time to do so (and I just might), I will be able to create all sorts of topic related posters to use in class.  All one of a kind creations.  I can’t wait.

In addition to making infographics, Pikochart makes reports, banners and presentations. Check them out below. Check out their YouTube Channel with tutorials, etc, also.

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