End of Year Reflection Time

Last Friday, it became official: the end of the school year became real for me because I actually left the building at 2:46 pm instead of the usual 4:00.  I had no notebooks grades to input (did that during prep time), no lessons to plan (the very last lesson is done), and only have an extra credit worksheet floating about out there that’s due next Friday.

Its over!  Another school year under my belt and despite the rocky start, it was a great year.

The plan back in August was to simply teach science and get some technology integration done in the building.  When our team leader took another position in a different building and then the new team leader decided to go to the high school wing, I was the designated top dog. Lord knows I didn’t want to be team leader, the go to person, the one parents call and complain to (I have a very low tolerance for parental excuse making) but, I took on the task. Getting reorganized so I could add this new responsibility was hard, and without the help of the best team of teachers on the planet I would have never gotten it done.  Thanks Kathryn, Kim, Megan, David and Laura… we rock!

Regarding technology integration, the tech team had a great year too.  Busy as we are as teacher leaders in the building, we managed to survey the staff on a few things, get some Promethean Boards put in and have begun the Chromebook roll out.  Technology PD was heaven this year, exposing the staff to Google Drive and teaching them more about integration for classroom management and assessment. Our end of the year Chromebook party is this Wednesday, complete with pizza and a mini Edcamp! So much more to learn; I’m excited about it!  Big ups to the tech team, Steve, Dana. Johine, Sarita and Deborah!

My personal journey into technology integration in my classroom had its ups and downs.  I’m always looking for some tool to pilot and managed to try several new things this year.  Newsela, CK-12, Kahoots, a few add ons, a couple of extensions… I’m really tightening up my game!  The weather project went so well it almost scared me.  Next year, after all the students get their district email addresses and daily access to Chromebooks, it should be the dream project.  We’re moving from trimesters to semesters in the fall, so the time spent on units will change a bit.  Which now means I need to do a big Chemistry project, Environmental project AND Genetics project.  Well, my summer is going to be full, huh?  lol

How does one end the nearly perfect school year?  Begin thinking about the next year, of course!  Disrupting education by making it more student centered, providing opportunities for students of all ages to realize their academic potential and facilitating the learning THEY want for themselves is the task I’ve chosen to take on.  One thing I know for sure, unlike any other school year in the past 11 years, I’ve LOVED coming to work and doing what I do… its been a blast.

Now, how to top it?  mmmm

Have a great summer everyone!



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