Tech Review: Google Add on – autoCrat

In my attempt to remain sane through this 8 week weather project, I’ve used a lot of Google products to keep everything in order.  Its all been flowing along nicely and now I’ve gotten to a place where I need to let the students know their grades for Task #1, which they completed a week ago.  I have 120 students… how do I get accurate, reliable data to them without making a mess of the numbers or pulling my hair out?

I created a Gsheet to start.  Put everyone in by class period and created duplicate sheets for each task.  I added the assignments across the top of each sheet, had a co worker help me with creating a sum function (I really need to learn how to do that sort of thing) and started dropping grades in.  All neat and easy: numbers add up and give me a total at the end.  Each student needs 50 points for mastery and anything over 50 points is awarded as extra credit.

Now, to tell them how they did in a nice little note.  Enter autoCrat. A Google add on, this bit of script merges data in Gsheets into personally created templates in the blink of an eye.  After merging data, each document is then given an url link and you’re given the option to save them for distribution later or to share or email immediately.

Here is my report template.  When I run the final report, it will drop in the first name of each student and the scores and total points for any assignments they completed.  Easy peasy.

I am in love (yet again). In the videos below, learn how easy it is to create a template and merge, giving each student an individualized document with their data.  As an aside, the script was recently rewritten by a high school senior at the UN International High School of New York!  (screaming silently with amazement) Read more about him in the autoCrat info page.  Man, I need to learn how to code, for real!

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