Tech Review: CK-12 Foundation: Differentiated, Curated STEM Content

I am the most evil science teacher in the history of science teachers. I’ve assigned HOMEWORK over Spring Break!! *gasp*

I discovered CK-12 several months ago as an app on Edmodo, where it seamlessly integrates into the LMS.  CK-12 is a learning platform that takes the notion of differentiate instruction VERY seriously.  Started as a repository for online science and math textbooks, it has evolved into a technology driven, open source learning tool that is easy to navigate, customize and distribute to students.

The full function website has flexbooks – full ebooks on various academic topics that are broken into smaller concept pieces, making it easy to assign reading assignments, real world application articles, videos, simulations, quizzes, etc. on a wide variety of STEM related topics.

I use the modified Edmodo app to easily give practice quizzes that add content to reinforce missed concepts.  I have also used the full version to print out articles to assist with literacy activities for our reading and language arts teachers.   See the Edmodo demo video here.  A look at the full version of the website can be found here.

I use the Edmodo app more than the full version of the website because I have a classroom textbook and curriculum.  If you don’t have a textbook, the full version of the site is perfect for creating curriculum for your classroom.  All materials can be downloaded to e-readers, printed out as PDFs, etc.  Again, I love using some of the materials to share with reading and LA teachers as we work on integrating literacy across all curriculum.  When I have students out for various reasons, I’m able to assign work to them, keeping them on track while they’re out.

Check out the official CK-12 overview below.

I’m evil.  I assigned homework over Spring Break.  hehehe.

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