My Big, Fat, #DLD15 Project

It’s Digital Learning Month (and as I write this DLDay!) and I want to share my classroom activity.  I started my Weather project.  “i, Meteorologist” is supposed to come as close to being paperless as I can force myself to come and provide as much differentiation as any school teacher can manage without losing her mind.  I think I’m created a monster.  I’m ok with that.

Let me explain.  Last year about this time, I did the same project, with folders for each student, mountains of paper that they kept losing, I kept recopying and collecting.  I got paper cuts, they got good with excuses for not getting things done and in the end, I ALMOST decided to never do this again.

After considering how to streamline the process, block assignments into fewer tasks (I had 10 tasks last year, I have 4 this year) and finding ways to get the students to take ownership of WHAT and HOW they learned things, I came up with something very interesting.  I created an all Google project. Check it out below.


There has been only one sticking point so far: our district is a new GAFE district and is still trying to get the student email addresses out to the students.  I’ve had to have each student create a Google account (what the heck, they need one anyway, right?) and that’s how I spent most of this week for those who didn’t already have accounts.  I have enjoyed the conversations about whether or not to write an essay, create a book or make a video that I’m hearing about the same activities!  The students are fully empowered to make this all theirs and they’re excited about it!

I’ll update you in a couple of weeks and let you see what we’ve created and posted to the blog!  Until then, happy Digital Learning Month!  Go innovate and create!

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