Tech Review: CK-12 Foundation: Differentiated, Curated STEM Content

I am the most evil science teacher in the history of science teachers. I've assigned HOMEWORK over Spring Break!! *gasp* I discovered CK-12 several months ago as an app on Edmodo, where it seamlessly integrates into the LMS.  CK-12 is a learning platform that takes the notion of differentiate instruction VERY seriously.  Started as a …

Google Keep – Note taking alternative, cross-platform sharing tool, and all around nice guy

Something to check out for the students… (I do love Evernote tho…)

History Tech

I waded into the shallow end of the Google Apps / GAFE / Chromebook pool last summer. In November, I dove off the high board as my office went all Google – mail, calendar, documents, the works.

I’ve been using Google Docs forever so it’s not like the stuff is completely foreign to me. But going all in . . . with all my stuff, emails, contacts, online? Yeah, there was an adjustment period.

But after a few months, I really am falling in love with the syncing of info and materials between all my different devices. I’ve also had a chance to start playing around with all of the different Google tools buried in my account.

My latest favorite? Google Keep. Basically Keep is Google’s version of

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Uphill Climb: Standing At the Top

Every educational technology professional knows the frustrations of getting buy in from the teaching staff in school as districts work hard to create 21st century learning environments for students.  I've written several times about the complaints, excuses, fears and attempted coups in my building.  Its been an uphill battle, pushing, pulling, cajoling, begging even, to …

My Big, Fat, #DLD15 Project

It's Digital Learning Month (and as I write this DLDay!) and I want to share my classroom activity.  I started my Weather project.  "i, Meteorologist" is supposed to come as close to being paperless as I can force myself to come and provide as much differentiation as any school teacher can manage without losing her …