Tech Review: TextHelp Study Skills

texthelpOur district has been doing a lot of work with students in English/Language Arts (ELA) with non fiction reading and writing.  My community team has been working together to find and create interesting reading and writing assignments for our students to practice their reading, note taking and writing skills.  As we move towards full integration of Google Apps in the district, I have been looking for different tools to help with the reading and note taking that can incorporate tech skills as well.  I think I found something interesting we can use to reinforce reading and note taking skills.

While doing my weekly reading at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, I found a review on a Docs add-on called Texthelp Study Skills.  If you search the add-ons tab on Google Docs, you can locate it. Here is  ETML’s  review of the product.

I LOVE THIS ADD ON!!!  It uses highlighters to mark up a document and then collects and sorts the highlighted information so a student can organize it into a note sheet. You can then organize the highlighted material either in the original document order or by color.  All digital, no lost papers, stick it all in a folder on Drive: Easy Peasy!  The only issue I have with it is, it can only be used in Docs, so if you’d like to have students mark up an article, you’d either have to cut and paste one into Docs or type it up.

I’ve created a video to show how I created a note sheet using this add on.  I cut and pasted my article from Newsela.  If you don’t have an account with them, GET ONE… great current event articles on various topics from diverse news sources,  each written at different Lexile levels and many with writing prompts attached. Check out my tutorial on Texthelp Study Skills below.

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