Using Google Docs: Learning Menus

I received a link in one of my Google + communities  to Kasey Bell’s blog, Shake Up Learning. It arrived in my inbox just when I needed it.  I’ve started a little “Monday Technology Note” that I send out to the staff every Monday (duh). and have been a wee bit frustrated because I just don’t know what to share and how much without becoming a nuisance to people.

Enter Kasey.  She describes a way to share resources and learning for teachers (and I already plan to use it for my classes also) using Google Docs to create a Learning Menu/Choice Board Easy to create in Docs, I made a tic tac toe board with a #GAFE theme that gives the teachers choices on what to learn for the week.  I can’t wait to share it on Monday.  

Since we’re rolling out Google Drive and about half of my staff has at least gotten their toes wet using Google Docs, I’m excited at being able to share a Google Doc with them that shows them how they can possibly use the app in their classrooms.  The menu I made has a “required” reading box with an article, a few how to boxes, a couple of “try this” boxes and a You Tube box to a playlist for those who haven’t tried to log into Drive yet and want to take a stab at it.  Check out MY Learning Menu.  Let me know what you think.

Check out Kasey, her blog and the “how to” for this great use of Google Docs at the links above.

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