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Don’t ask me how I found this, you know me, always wandering about in one of my PLNs being exposed to great stuff.  Adobe Education Exchange is a service by the great people that brought you the Adobe Reader, PDF, Photoshop, Lightroom, Muse, Illustrator, etc.  They want people to use their products and have reached out to the education sector to provide courses on various topics that educators may find useful in the classroom, and beyond.

I’m in week 2 of Digital Creativity.  Last week, I used Adobe Voice to introduce myself to my virtual classmates (all 6000 of them apparently) and this week, I’m turning grey trying to create a Photoshop poster about bullying.  THIS IS HARD!  Recognize, you can’t learn Photoshop in a week, but its fun to download it, play around with it and consider the possibilities in creating vibrant, reflective learning materials for your classroom.  

This class is set up in the workshop model, with a chronological method of getting things done that prevents you from moving faster than you probably should.  Video lectures, webinars, assignments and discussions are all in place for a rich learning experience that hopefully, will result in me considering how I can use some of this stuff in the future.  See a screen print of the workflow page below.

In addition to learning Voice and Photoshop, I will be looking at InDesign, an app comparable to Microsoft Publisher, Premiere Pro, a video editing package (looking forward to playing with this one!), and Muse, a website building application for desktop and mobile devices that doesn’t require knowledge of coding (thank God).  How can these apps be used in the classroom?  If you are transforming your learning space from teacher centered to student centered, these tools can personalize the way you present your lessons and embed the learning of your students into digital masterpieces.

Again, Adobe Education Exchange is a PLN specifically to learn and use Adobe products. Opening an account is free and you can then access the online courses through their professional development tab. Classes come in three flavors: self paced, collaborative (the Digital Creativity one falls under this category) and live events. If you complete any course successfully, you receive a badge and certificate showing your participation and learning for all to see.  In addition, you can, if so moved, work towards becoming an Adobe Education Trainer, certified to teach Adobe Education Exchange classes to others. To learn more about Adobe Generation Professional online courses, check out their website.  All classes are free, and most software needed for a particular class can be obtained via a trial download or for a very reasonable price (trust me on this, my son had to buy several Adobe apps for art school, they aren’t cheap.. these suites are in comparison)

Its good stuff people, check it out!  I gotta go, Photoshop is calling my name!

This is the outline of my class…

AGP Digital Creativity course outline

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